Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Music VIdeo Tuesday:GWAR!

One of the factors contributing to my lack of entries as of late has Been the epic failure that is Comcast cable and their inability to provide me with consistent service. I finally had enough and canceled my service with them this week and I am currently in the process of replacing that service with something new.

Until then, my ability to access the intertubes is restricted to my iPhone(this is actually my first post via iPhone) and my ability to get to my parents house to borrow their connection. Since all the photo sites on the web have eliminated my ability to access the URL of images via my phone and Typing on this tiny keyboard is a bit more time consuming than normal, I'm officially declaring today music video Tuesday!

Today's band is a LONG time favorite of mine, the mighty GWAR! From the album,"We Kill Everything". I would also like to dedicate this video to the folks at Comcast,whom I suspect are too busy engaging in the activities described in it to give a crap what kind of service they actually provide.


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