Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Week's Compendium

Once again I managed to Spend most of my free time busy on music this weekend, Which is a good thing, but, that also means it was a slow week on the blogs. None the less, While I only managed to squeeze in a single post here on Geekblog, I was able to get a hand full of strange and interesting things posted on Compendium this Week, beginning with:

The Czech Ballad of Swamp thing, which also serves as a showcase for a particularly amazing dance routine that I'm certain all the kids will soon be imitating. Next, came the fan-made trailer for E.T. 2, "Extinction", followed with a detailed account of how the male Anglerfish gets screwed, literally AND figuratively, there's Zombie art from Clint Langley, Henry Rollin's writes a Letter to Ann Coulter, and more. Plus there's a full weeks worth of posts from last week which I never got around to sharing here.

So please, if you haven't done so before, go and Check out my tumblr blog, Compendium oF Strange. It's a collection of strange and interesting art, music, and stories from around the web, and it's the blog I post in most often during the week- when I'm generally too busy working to find the time to sit and research science and news stories to write about here on Geekblog.


If you're already on tumblr you can follow the Compendium directly, if not, then you should use THIS LINK to join so the Compendium gets credit for the referral, or you could just follow me on twitter or like my musician page on Facebook to keep up with all my blogs, bands, etc. Thanks and enjoy!


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