Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fafa and Mario: The Evolution of The Hipster

Posted by Youtube user: gloveandboots

From this week's Compendium:

With every generation there comes a new group of pretentious and annoying human beings that we all soon learn to love to hate. This time around, we’re calling theme hipsters.

To learn more about the newest unwashed, self-important group of Ironically-anti-conformist-over privileged-white-pseudo-hippie-douche-bags to hit the scene, join Fafa and Mario from Glove and Boots as they explain; “The Evolution of The Hipster”.

On a personal note: I realize that some of you will find my description of this particular sub-culture as dismissive and offensive, which is an excellent indication that you too may BE a hipster. So on this point I’d just like to say:

Yes it is, and I’m not sorry.


Posted by Youtube user: gloveandboots

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  1. Caine... you're fucking awesome. XD Thank you for posting this.