Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mormons and Magic Underwear

Posted by Youtube user: TheThinkingAtheist (Love this Channel BTW, and if you haven’t before, you should go there now.)

I really need to get around to doing a whole entry on Mormonism one of these days. Particularly with the terrifying threat of potential future president Mitt Romney looming in the darkness of our current reality.But let’s be honest, all anyone really wants to know about is the magic underwear. Well, that and the polygamy. Which one might logically assume to be directly tied to said magic underwear in some way, but it isn’t. Besides, once you get to the “enchanted undergarment” portion of any particular view of reality, do you really need any more information to make up your mind about the validity of said view?

I certainly don't.


VIA: Left Hemispheres

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