Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Favorite Show EP02: Poor Little Doodle

So, as I kind of expected would be the case, technology conspired against my desire to make a Halloween episode. I mean, ya we made one, and it was amazing. In fact, it was probably the single greatest podcast ever recorded, EVER. Unfortunately, Skype was in a mood, and the resulting audio quality made it unusable, so You'll just have to take my word for it. Besides, by the time I actually finish posting this it should be just about midnight anyway. Instead, here's the second show Tara and I recorded, which is actually my favorite episode thus far. Although, it is at least a little Halloween-y I guess, since we do spend quite some time talking about the paranormal.

In today's episode, " Poor Little Doodle": Kesha's (Yes, I know she spells it with a "$", but I refuse) sexual encounter with a ghost, sleep paralysis, alien abduction and the paranormal -the recent death of a man at a South FL bug eating contest -a Florida man with a little too much love for livestock- a Texas school's decision to track children with RFID chips- and learning to look at life from the perspective of us freaks.

Our favorite things this week: Tara Snags a free wide angle lens for her phone's camera, and I share a story about a very special lady...


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