Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Favorite Show EP04: Worst Sock Monkey EVER!

After all the religion and politics on last week's episode, I thought we could use a bit of a palate cleansing this week. Which, depending on your perspective, may not have been as good an idea as I thought, given the amount of scatological content in this week's episode. But I enjoy it. The episode, I mean. I enjoy the episode, not the scat.

In This week's episode: Skyfall- World War Z- and Jurassic Park 3D- A New Zealand scientists denied permission to use the word Hobbit in the title of his lecture on Hobbits ( Homo floresiensis) - a South African man skydives naked for Rhinos- A woman  turns to Craig's List seeking a sexual rendezvous with a dog- While another poster just wants to know, Who does THAT, to a sock in K-mart?- A widower fulfills his wife's last request- Australian Priests ATTACK- a teacher accidentally shares topless photos with her students- and Illiterate Ethiopian children learn to hack android-

Our Favorite things for the week: Tara talks about Tom's Basement, an alleged lost episode of the Tom and Jerry cartoon,  involving murder, torture, and piles of decaying bodies. While I recommend the band, Abnormality.

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