Monday, November 15, 2010

But I'm Felling Much Better Now, Mostly..

So as you may have noticed I decided to take a bit of break not only from my blogs but from the Internet as a whole and just in case you were wondering, here's why...

Besides having spread myself a little thin with the addition of drummer for a death metal band -my first ever gig as a live drummer BTW- to my ever expanding list of ongoing personal projects. I also suffered a major software failure with my PC, a hardware failure on my iPhone, at best *intermittent access to the net thanks to the amazing service I receive from Comcast, and last but certainly not least- I managed to get myself extraordinarily sick for the first time in years with what I believe to be a mild to moderate form of Bubonic plague, or perhaps a case of the SARS.

But over the past two weeks I've managed to call in a backup PC, dug up an old mp3 player for my pod casts, and after enduring a week of discomfort and misery my body has finally begun to return to a normal temperature and I can once again swallow liquids without experiencing excruciating pain. As for the internet, even when it works the connection still sucks- but I'm kind of SOL on that one. So baring any further catastrophes, outbreaks, or distractions, following Thanksgiving I will be returning to my regular blogging habits, though to be honest you should probably expect the new drumming gig to eat into at least some of my blogging time for the next month or two as I learn all the new material. But rest assured I have not given up on the blog(s) I'm just a little busy (and phlegmy) at the moment.

More to come very soon!


*Ironically, the posting of this entry has been delayed several hours guessed it, a loss of internet connection, thanks again Comcast!!

Image Credit: SARS virus: Shutterstock


  1. Well done on the drumming gig, hope you're all better soon.

  2. Thanks,
    I'm really excited about getting the chance to play out as a drummer for the first time.

    As for the horrible alien virus I contracted, it seems to have been destroyed at this point and aside from a few more days of eliminating congestion, I think I'm over it now.