Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weird Things: Room 717

I've been linking back to these guys since I first launched the blog several months ago and have written about both weirdthings.com as well as The Weird Things Podcast several times before. But this week's episode of Weird Things was extra special, and not just because The Godless Geek Blog was one of three listener sponsors.

In this week's special Halloween episode of Weird Things the guys put together an impromptu ghost investigation after Brian checks into not merely a haunted Hotel, but into the very room where the haunting is said to be centered. As always, this episode is loads of good weird fun and in the end, the guys manage to apply their own unique brand of skepticism to the subject at hand. This time through a series of simple experiments involving numbers and random chance to illustrate just how easy it can be to interpret simple chance as the deliberate actions of an unseen hand.

So if you haven't done so before now, then please take the time to check out weirdthings.com, The Weird Things Podcast, as well as the rest of the various forms of entertainment Brian, Justin, and Andrew have to offer. And if you do decide to visit Weird Things for the very first time because of this post, or even if you're here because of my plug on this week's episode, do me a favor and leave the guys a comment letting them know you read about it here.



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And finally, why not pay Timothy O’Briant's Strips4.com a visit as well, since he also helped sponsor this week's episode of Weird Things.

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