Saturday, May 28, 2011

I HAVE RETURNED! (No, despite the facial hair & ponytial, I am not Jesus)

Like a laser-eyed Abraham Lincoln being ridden into glorious battle by a mustache-wearing, flag wielding bear in monocle and top hat, I have returned! Not that anyone noticed I was gone. How could you really given the lousy posting schedule I've been keeping as of late? But gone I was, having decided it wise to give my brain a brake from generating content for a while and to instead spend some time pondering which of my various personal projects (both working as well as the unpublished and incomplete ones you don't yet know about), I wanted to keep going.

After muddling it all over for a while, I THINK I finally settled on a plan that should allow me not only to maintain a more regular posting schedule around here, without resorting to too much empty link-baiting, but one that will also afford me enough free time to focus on the projects that Ive decided to keep going. So IF this new plan works out, you should expect to see an influx of new posts around here and on tumblr, as well as more new music, an art project or two, and a few other things I've been working on in secrete for some time now. though my weekday posting habits will likely stay pretty much the same, I just work too many hours to make time for blogging during the week.

Of course, I've said things like this before, and I as I pointed out then, things rarely go as planned around here so you probably shouldn't quote me on any of this. But ultimately, I'm really trying to find a way to turn all this time I spend playing on the net, into a more profitable endeavor, so we'll see.


Image Credit:“The Civil War” by Matthew McKeown

Now please enjoy this video from Thinkgeek for Star Wars Light Saber Popsicles, just becuase it's awesome.

Posted by Youtube user:thinkgeek VIA: GGB on tumblr

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