Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why god might Kill You With a Bear, & when it's OK to Bang Daddy

One of the most common arguments made by both believers, as well as apologists who think anti-theists like myself go too far in our arguments against religion, is the idea that the teachings of the bible have within them some intrinsic moral value. And that even if you choose not to believe in the god around which those teaching are supposedly centered, there are worthwhile lessons to be learned amidst all the idiocy and ignorance that dominate the books of god. But it doesn't take any thinking person more than a quick glance through the new and old testaments (or the quran, or any other deity driven religious text for that matter), to see that the teachings of christianity are filled with, racism, slavery, incest, and sexism, as well as countless acts of violence, murder, and genocide; all of which are of course neatly justified in the name of an invisible monster, who is accountable to no one. Ya, sounds like an outstanding place to turn for morality to me.

But I suppose, if you were to do some major editing on your own and only focus on the "good" parts, or as the VAST majority of modern religious teachers do; insist that certain parts of the bible were obviously not meant to be taken literally, and just wildly reinterpret the bad parts so they fit better with modern day values, it is possible to stumble upon a reasonable moral value or two. They're all rather obvious, common sense, golden rule sorts of moralities, and they certainly don't make up for the rest of the crap in the bible, but they're still there I guess.

But what if you don't pick and choose? What if instead, you taught people, in particular children, ALL the stories of the bible as the literal truths that many believers take them to be, and in complete and graphic detail? That would be okay right? I mean it is the word of god isn't it? Well, that's exactly the idea behind today's video,"The Tutor", in which a pleasant looking young bible tutor explains to her two young students why god might decide to kill them with a bear, and when it's ok to bang Daddy, by sharing with them the tales of Elisha (2 Kings 2:23-24), and Lot (Genesis 19).



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