Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thomas Jane's Punisher Fan-film: Dirty Laundry

Posted by YouTube user: AdiShankarBrand

I know, I know, you've probably heard more than enough from me about movies this week. What with all the podcast episodes and all (hint, hint). But this was one of the many awesome things that happened while I was away, and, yes- I know you've probably already seen it, but I LOVED this. So I'm posting it. Plus, there's a fairly decent chance we'll be bringing it up this week on Pod Thing... I'm just sayin'.

I hated both of the Punisher movies. I'm tempted to say I hated all 3, but I suspect most of you aren't even aware the one with Dolph Lundgren exists. Rest assured, it sucked too. As for the last Punisher, it was a poorly executed mess, and Jane's was, well,  It was a Punisher movie for children. But if he can actually manage to convince a studio to make a Punisher movie that isn't written for children, and looks like this. I might finally get to join everyone else in being excited about the whole comic book movie thing.  


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