Friday, May 21, 2010

Dances With, no..Field Of, DAMN..WATER-!, ahh screw it.

WAIT! -Kevin Costner dances through fields of oil to save water world proving he's an untouchable bodyguard, for the earth!-

HA! More Kevin Costner movie references and bad puns that any other article I've read about this story. I should totally have a job writing headlines.

Kevin Costner seen here in..What? That's not Costner? HE WASN'T EVEN IN AVATAR? How can that be possible? Every story I've read about him today has mentioned his participation in one of the worst films ever made! Oh well, Guess they meant Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones...300? Eh, lets move on.

Celebrities take a lot of crap for flocking to every disaster and cause they can find primarily to serve they're own narcissistic self righteous purposes and chastise everyone else for how we live our lives. More often than not, they deserve all the crap they get and I'm more than happy to help give them that crap. But Kevin Costner has done something I always respect, he put up or shut up. No self righteous speeches about how were all in this together and you should donate to my cause, no publicity stunts labeled peace rallies or shitty concert benefit scams to promote waning album sales, he just did everything he could do to address a problem he felt needing fixing.

Despite being in JFK (that's the one right?)Kevin Costner, an actor, not a scientist or an engineer not a politician or the leader of Greenpeace but an actor, was so struck by the lack of technology to clean up oil spills following the Exxon Valdez he decided to actually do something about it, and has since spent somewhere between 22 and 26 million of his own dollars on the research and development of devices designed to separate water and oil.

BP, being so out of ideas on how to stop the leak it's moved on to considering unsolicited suggestions from the general public, has agreed to test several of Costner's devices next week.

Costner demoed the device last week:

All indications are that it does what he claims it can do. whether the devices work well enough to clean the oil from the ocean remains to be seen but even if they fail miserably it's still more than our government or anyone else for that matter, has done to address the disaster.

While cleaning up the MILLIONS of gallons of oil that have been released into the ocean is immensely important, the oil and natural gas continue to gush out into the ocean,("click here for a live stream though I have yet to actually get the stream to work and I doubt it will " " ) as it has done for a month now and despite BP's pathetic excuse for a partial plug that is now in place. Our own government and the various environmental groups who will soon be asking for your money to help send Sean Penn and other publicity-whores to clean oil off frogs in new Orleans, and who will no doubt exploit this disaster for their full personal advantage, have yet to do anything.

Well, to be fair, congress did yell at the oil execs on c-span for a while and Greenpeace has announced a contest to redesign BP's logo, the winning entry to be used in,"innovative and confrontational" ways. Ya, that should help.
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