Sunday, May 16, 2010

MADNESS, Streaming Madness...

In searching for links and clips for my previous entry I came upon a site which I linked to at the bottom of the post, "" I ended up spending a lot of time there this weekend. Mostly checking out the site to see if it was something I really wanted to promote and or recommend to others. The answer is, Sort of.

While there are some great documentaries on the page, there is also a lot of nonsense and conspiracy to be had as well. Particularly in the social issues and philosophy categories. Which would be fine, if an effort were made to distinguish those documentaries from other legitimate programs on the site, but no such effort is made. To the contrary, and despite claims of neutrality made in the "about us" section of the page, the site displays an obvious admiration for peter Joseph, creator of the movie, "Zeitgeist". Including direct links to both Zeitgeist the movie and the Zeitgeist movement websites. The site also posts a photo and link for Joseph on it's cover page along side Micho Kaku, Richard Feynmen, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, as well as three other men I am not personally familiar with, all under the heading: "Great minds, The most inspiring people."

The obvious problem with this display is that it places opportunists and conspiracy theorists like Peter Joseph and the bullshit they sell on the same level as Einstein, hawking and other legitimate intellectuals and journalists. Which is of course a bad thing.

But despite the authors of the page obviously possessing some personal conspiratorial reasons for creating the site, as well as personal philosophical views to promote. Views with which I certainly don't agree. There is worthwhile content to be had here and I do recommend that you take some time to look the site over. If nothing else, this site should prove a valuable reference source for researching and debunking various fraudulent claims, by bringing the source of many such claims together in one place.

Links and Additional Content
Today I'm linking to Brian Dunning's podcast, "Skeptoid" . More specifically, I'm providing a link to the episode dealing with the movie "Zeitgeist" for those of you who had never heard of the movie before today.

If you've never Heard of Skeptoid or Brian Dunning before, then once you've listen to the linked episode use the search box at the top of the page to search past episodes of Skeptoid for other topics you're interested in. Also be sure to look around the site and check out some of Brian's other projects.

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