Friday, June 18, 2010

George Hrab: Trebuchet

Trebuchet by: George Hrab

If you don't know the name George Hrab you should. Besides having a book and one of my favorite Pod casts , George also has six albums worth of independent music. His newest album "Trebuchet", which you can watch George creating the cover art for in the video below, can be heard in full in this weeks episode of "The Geologic Podcast: Episode #170" , as well as in various other pod casts around the web. My personal favorite tracks were "Death From The Skies", featuring Phil Plait (yes that Phil Plait) and "Trebuchet", which you can hear a portion of in the time lapse video below.

Trust me when I tell you an unbelievable amount of work goes into making an album. Much less; an album, a weekly podcast, filming, producing, and editing your own videos, playing drums in a live band, trying to promote it all, and doing all of the other things George somehow manages to find the time to do. So if you've ever been entertained or enlightened in some way by something George has said or done, then for Xenu's sake, go give the man a dollar for a song!

You can buy "Trebuchet" on iTunes or CD Baby where you can also find the rest of George's music.

And just in case your too lazy to follow any links, Here's a video George made for "Far" which appears on Trebuchet and is also the theme song for the "365 Days Of Astronomy" Pod cast.

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To find out more about all of George's projects go to:
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  1. Fabulous post! Thank you so much for supporting George's work and independent music. Sending you much sugar from Geologic HQ...

  2. You're very welcome and thanks for stopping by!