Friday, April 8, 2011

Tim Minchin's "Storm" The Animated Movie

Posted by Youtube user:stormmovie , Animated and Directed by: DC Turner, Produced by:Tracy King

So if this isn't already making the rounds on all the atheist, skeptical, freethought, and science blogs around the net, it will be very shortly, and for good reason.

First, it's been a long time coming and there are undoubtedly plenty more geeks like myself who are happy to see it finally arrive. Second, it looks and sounds amazing! Third, Tim is AWESOME, and any excuse one may get to share his work is well worth taking. And finally, if Storm isn't already the official theme song of skeptics and freethinkers everywhere, it damn well should be.

I mean really, haven't we all been Tim, confronting our own personal "Storms" in various social situations throughout our lives? I know I have been, EVERYWHERE I GO, EVERY FRIGGIN' DAY!

Which is probably why I don't get invited out much anymore... Oh well. At least I still have you Internets!



Be sure to check out the official site,, for more info on the video, and if you liked it, then why not e-mail Tracy and DC at:, to tell them how much you appreciate their work (I have a feeling that they might like that). As for those of you currently suffering from the great misfortune and cruel indignity of never having heard of Tim Minchin before, be sure to check out Tim's website,, for more!

Oh, and BTW, this makes two posts in ONE DAY! Told ya I was gonna do something about it.

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  1. You have done a wonderful job. The storm has benn very realistically done using animation. I want you to keep up the good work