Friday, June 24, 2011

Talking Funny with Ricky Gervais, Louis Ck, Chris Rock And Jerry Seinfeld

So aside from science, sci-fi, video games, and the usual assortment of things you’d expect a man who happily proclaims himself a Godless Geek wherever he may go to be into, I am also a huge comedy geek. No, that doesn’t mean I spend my free time following my favorite comedians around the country like the grateful dead, or obsessively collecting obscure recordings and memorabilia. This particular obsession isn’t about being a fan-boy, it’s about what I see as the true value and meaning of great comedy. Because I believe, that at it’s best comedy isn’t just about making someone laugh, it’s about making them reconsider how they see the world around them, it’s about challenging conventions and other peoples values and ideals, and it’s about expressing who you are and embracing your individuality, regardless of whatever social consequences doing so may bring.

That may sound a little strange to you if you’re just a casual fan with a favorite comedian or two. But trust me when I tell you, that I am not the only one who sees comedy as more than mere performance art or mindless distraction, but as the most popular, accessible, and purest form of free thought, self expression, and critical thinking in the world today; one whose influence has had a large hand in shaping my own view of both myself, as well as the world around me over the years. But that doesn’t mean that good comedy has to be deeply philosophical, insightful, or even particularly meaningful to be good, it just has to be funny.

So what is it that makes something funny? How do you build a successful act? Is there anything you really cannot, or simply should not joke about stage? And what makes a “good bit”, a good bit?

In the HBO special, “Talking Funny”, Louis CK and Ricky Gervais, along with Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock, spend an hour together sharing their answers to those questions and various others, as well as discussing the world of comedy and performing in general. The end result, is as interesting and insightful, as it is entertaining. So Weather your a comedy geek like me, whose fascinated with the process and motivations behind making good comedy, or you just happen to be a fan of any of the above comedians looking for a good laugh. This show is both hilarious and fascinating, and you should really check out all four parts.


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