Sunday, September 4, 2011

Behemoth Frontman Cleared of Blasphemy Charges

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Behemoth frontman Nergal was found not-guilty of offending religious feeling by a judge in Poland, again. The charges, in case you forgot, stem from a 2007 performance by the band in Gydnia, in which he referred to the bible as a, "deceitful book", religion as a "criminal sect", and the catholic church as, "the most murderous cult on the planet", before destroying a bible on stage. Nergal was actually cleared of the same charges once before, last year, But prosecutors appealed the ruling.

Late last month, a Polish judge once again found him to be innocent, ruling that his ripping up of a bible during a show was a form of artistic expression consistent with the style of his band. Nergal made the following comments following the ruling:

"I'm so glad to see that intelligence won over religious fanatics in my home country. Though there's still so much work to be done to make things right… But I'm sure that I'm on the right path to ultimate freedom! The battle is won, but the war ain't over."

Amen. (irony intended)


Source: Metal Injection

While I am of course over-joyed to know that one of my favorite musicians won't be spending time in jail as a result of the idiocy that is the Polish Blasphemy code. The best part of writing about Nergal, is always the fact that it gives me an excuse to torture you with his music. I realize you probably just won't listen, but I have to at least try to enrich your lives and expand your horizons with a little of what I consider to be art and beauty from time to time.

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