Sunday, February 26, 2012

YouTube Banning Videos From ThunderFoot’s For Being, “Religiously Offensive”

Posted by Youtube user: Thunderf00t

For those of you unfamiliar, Thunderfoot’s is a popular Atheist/science/freethought/Free Speech channel on Youtube. Obviously, that means the views expressed within his videos are typically offensive to the average believer’s sensibilities, when it comes to the level of respect they feel their precious ideals deserve; that level being absolute and unyielding, of course.

But fragile sensibilities of the credulous aside, the reality is that Thunbderfoot is one of the more thoughtful and deliberate critics of religion you’ll find on the net. Who, at worst, one could fairly complain occasionally allows his language to stray towards the PG-13 end of the spectrum. He’s certainly nowhere near as disrespectful towards others as say, oh, I don’t know… ME. So the idea that his videos are now being removed by YouTube moderators for “Religious HATE SPEECH” is so absurd, it would be comical, if it wasn’t so infuriating or so ominous a sign of things to come, where the future of free speech on YT and the net in general is concerned. But that’s exactly what happened.

And it’s going to start happening more and more. Not just on YT but all over the net, if we don’t start making noise about this sort of thing right now.

So I’ll delve deeper into my own opinions on all this later. For now, go watch, like, favorite, and share the video above. Subscribe to Thunderfoot’s Channel if you’re not already, and if you really care, you can download copies of the blocked videos in the details section of the video above, and then mirror them to your own channel. Which I have just started doing myself, HERE.


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  1. A lot of these mirrored videos are being blocked as well now.