Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creepy-Weird-Not Japanese, Thing of The Week: Kiss Transmission Robots From Lovotics

Posted by YouTube user: hmnasmn

Remember THIS story, about a group of Japanese students who invented a remote kissing machine for the Internet? Remember how creepy we all thought it was, and how you could never imagine why anyone would build such a thing? Well, just in case you thought the Japanese were the only ones trying to make robot humping a reality, I give you: AI researcher Hooman Samani.

Hooman, as you may have guessed by now, has actually invented an Internet kissing machine all of his own, through a robotics project called “Lovotics”. Yes, That’s right- creepy Internet kissing machines have been independently invented at least twice now.

Instead of a little white box with a plastic bendy straw attached to it, like the device those Japanese students came up with. Samani’s remote kissing toys are made to look like cartoon pigs with giant silicon lips. Which I'm thinking is a not so subtle comment on the potential users of the device, but that's just speculation on my part.

So if you happen to be a shut in with a desire to make out remotely with strangers over the Internet, or even if you just happen to have a thing for anthropomorphized pigs, then today, is YOUR lucky day. All ya gotta do now is grab yourself one of these sweet Internet kissing pigs, and one of those iPad fleshlight mounts I told you about -which also turned out to be a real thing BTW- and you can finally live your twisted little monkey dreams of virtually humping your favorite cartoon seductress, or iOS device.


You depraved little freaks you.


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