Thursday, October 28, 2010

WPB Has a Muck Monster?!

I'm known for being... let's call it "outspoken", about my critical/freethinking view of the world. So when a friend or coworker hears something strange or irritatingly irrational they seem to enjoy bringing it to me. Largely I suspect because of my "spirited" reaction, which people seem to find entertaining.

So earlier this week a coworker came to me and asked,

"Did you hear about the Muck Monster?"

I stopped for a moment,

"Muck Monster?" I said inquisitively. I'd never actually heard of this one, "What is this- Muck Monster of which you speak?" I asked.

He continued,

"Ya, in downtown West Palm, The mayor went on TV to talk about it and everything."

I was both intrigued and excited, I'd never heard of this so called Muck monster. But I suppose sometimes refusing to watch the news or read the newspaper can lead to missing out on something important, like the fact that there might be a Muck monster living in the neighboring city!

" I was unaware of any such Muck Monster", I said. " But I WILL be investigating further."

So it turns out, the first- and it seems the only "real" sighting- of the so called Muck Monster, occurred sometime around August of last year and even managed to make Letterman's top ten list. As for the sighting itself, it was described by the Palm Beach Post as, "a strange churning in the Lake Worth lagoon" but in reality, the event captured on the video is more of a mild ripple than a churning or even a disturbance.

As for the Muck Monster's most recent appearance, there wasn't one. It seems instead that the city of palm beach, in conjunction with the nonprofit Lagoon Keepers organization held a Muck Monster themed presentation at the lagoon earlier this month in order to promote the city's new pier. City Commissioner Bill Moss(the Mayor didn't appear to be present for the event either), who has taken the lead on the Muck Monster probe told reporters.

"I've been told it's nothing to be concerned about, but it is mating season, so don't have children lean over the boardwalk or put their hands or feet in the water." And,"The irony is that this is happening around the same time as Halloween and I hope that's not missed on the city,"

But tell me this, If the Muck Monster really is just a manatee as many seem to think, and if any suggestion that it may in fact be some sort of cryptid is really just a ploy to attract more tourists, would the creature have been featured on the History Channel's Monster Quest? On second thought, don't answer that...


Here's the local news cast from the original sighting, note the stunning quality of this clip, in particular the audio mix, another reason I see no need to watch this crap.

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  1. haha I thought everybody had heard about the Muck Monster by now! I didn't think anyone actually believed it was a real thing (although personally I like to to imagine it's the Toxic Avenger)

  2. Never underestimate my level of disonnect from the outside world, you should know that by now. And yes, Toxie was my second choice, but under the circumstances Swamp Thing seemed more logical. Plus he was one my absolute favorite movie monsters as a child, so I had to use him.