Monday, January 14, 2013

My Favorite Show EP:09- Reptilian Overlords Ate My Baby

Alright, so I'm a day late with this one due to some un-postponeable home repair issues. Trust me, I would have much rather been producing a podcast, and let's leave it at that. Particularly since I REALLY like this week's episode. So, once again, if you haven't listened yet- now would be a good time to start. And, as always: Subscribe, iTunes, blah, blah, blah. 

On This Week's Episode: A pastor makes a tentative call to 911, after getting himself trapped in a pair of handcuffs - A man is nearly smothered to death by his girlfriends giant breasts - while another looses part of his ear to his mate - a Florida man tries to rob a convenience store without a gun - Yoga in California classrooms - A 20 year old woman trapped in the body of a toddler - All the crazy that is, Alex Jones - a bit of David Icke - Ted Nugent thinks he's Rosa Parks, former NRA president Marion Hammer, says banning guns is racist, and the rest of the ongoing gun insanity.

Our Favorite Things For The Week: Tara longs for a snap together circuit set of her very own, while I introduce you all to yet another crazy person from the Internets- The 3rd Eagle of The Apocalypse -AKA- William Tapely.

Also check out: Jon Ronson's 1999 Documentary with Alex Jones: Secret Rulers of The World:Bohemian Grove

This month's show art: Tara


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