Monday, January 21, 2013

Sometimes I Take Pictures

Since adding recording and producing a podcast, as well as opting to try and get back into the music thing, and all of the usual activities that take up my time. I haven't had much time to get out and take any pictures, or to draw anything for that matter. Hopefully, I'll get out to do something new soon. In fact, I think that'll be part of my goal for next weekend, assuming I don't spend it playing mechanic again, I'll try and make my way out to some place interesting and take some new stuff. Not that anyone's clamoring to see my photos, or anything else I do for that matter. But I have discovered I really like both taking photos as well as editing them, so. ANYWAY- this is one of many that have been sitting around for quite some time. It's obviously pretty minimalistic, especially compared to my usual stuff. It's not one of my absolute favorite to be honest (Blogger's shit ability to display photos isn't helping it any) and it works better as part of a set. But, I like it.


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