Monday, January 21, 2013

My Favorite Show EP:10- Catfishing For Fecal Transplants

Have I mentioned yet that you can find episodes of My Favorite Show via our Libsyn page or by Subscribing on iTunes? K, Just checking.    

In this week's episode: A moron from Sweden hits a house with the train she stole - Coca cola takes a stand against obesity, while insisting vitamin water isn't being marketed as "healthy" - Tara talks about people's fetish for ripping fake memorabilia from the walls of her workplace - that bike rider guy admits to doping - while the country mourns the loss of another sports-o-lete's make believe lady - another woman smothers a man to death with her boobs - and we learn all about the fine art of fecal transplants- as well as a few other things along the way.

Our Favorite Things For The Week: Tara wants all the things from from The While I recommend Michael Shermer's book The Believing Brain, before announcing the launch of my new musical career as a Dubstep artist, using  Savageapps' Dubstep, for the iPhone.

Posted By YouTube user: musicgearvideos909

Yes, I am aware that's an iPad, and the person demoing the app isn't very good at it. But it's the only vid I could find and the iPhone app is identical, anyway.  

This month's show art: Tara 


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