Friday, July 9, 2010

Captain Disillusion, Now In 3D!

Captain Disillusion is a real life super hero and all around champion of logic, reason, and the scientific method. He uses his superior knowledge of advanced video editing techniques to analyze and explain various viral videos from around the web and now he's managed to attain an extra dimension!

In this special 3D episode Captain Disillusion explains a series of viral videos from Reebok depicting various Football players performing superhuman feats of speed, agility, and strength. I've chosen to link to the 2D version here as 3D videos from YouTube only embed in parallel mode and lack the 3d tab which allows you to choose the method in which you view the video. You can see the 3D Version here. But the Captain is awesome in any number of dimensions. So watch the video and go to the Captain's YouTube channel to view the rest of his videos.

Posted by YouTube User: Captain Disillusion

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If like me you happen not to own any 3d glasses select parallel or cross-eyed from the 3d tab and you can view the video by crossing and then unfocusing your eyes the same way you view these things:

(If your doing it right the diamonds become pyramids and the two circles become spheres, click to enlarge for easier viewing)

Image Credits: Captain Disillusion,
Stereogram by: B.P. Johnson (X-Your-Eyes)
Video posted by YouTube user: Captain Disillusion

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