Sunday, July 11, 2010

Save The Lightsaber!

A few weeks ago Bill Meeks blogged about the device pictured above from Wicked Lasers on the Weird Things Blog. Described by the company as: "The most dangerous laser ever created." The device produces an "Ultra high power 1W beam" which can instantly blind anyone within 700 feet after a mere 1/4 second and can easily cause skin burns as well as cause cancer! Cool. You might also have noticed the device clearly resembles a certain sidearm from a fairly obscure sci-fi franchise called "Star Wars". Don't see the resemblance? Well George Lucas did, which is why the company has recently been slapped with a cease desist from the mighty Lucas empire.

In the Wednesday edition of weird
things TV Justin made an impassioned plea to "SAVE THE LASER!" and urged others to do the same. So protect your inalienable right to own dangerous yet otherwise functionless toys simply because they happen to resemble props from your favorite films by going to the weird things TV channel on YouTube and uploading a video of yourself chanting, "Save The Laser" in reply to the following episode of Weird things TV.

Uploaded by YouTube user: Weirdthingstv

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