Monday, July 19, 2010

House Of Caine, "Genesis"

If you have not visited any of the links labeled "my music" or the Facebook link in the right hand column of this page then you may not yet know that aside from being a blogger I am also a musician and artist. I write, record, and perform as well create the artwork and graphics for, a number of primarily one man musical projects. Two of which can currently be found online either independently HERE and HERE or collectively on my Facebook play list.

This week I released the first industrial track, "Genesis" for what is currently an instrumental project called "House Of Caine". This particular track is a mixture of programmed drums and percussion alongside live guitars and represents the first of 8 to 10 similarly styled tracks that will form the bulk of the track list for an ambient/industrial style album which I intend to release sometime next year. The remainder of the tracks currently listed on the House Of Caine play list are film score style instrumentals.

While the final CD will contain tracks complete with vocals, for the time being I have chosen to release only instrumentals on the page as it was my hope that other independent filmmakers, podcasters, and the like might decide to place a track or two within they're own project.

So if you have a project in need of an original composition or theme, please follow the links provided throughout this article as well as this blog to check out House Of Caine. Or, contact me direct via e-mail with more information about your project at:

You can Also check out my second project Civilized Meat; which I hope to update with a new track, possibly updated mixes of the previously released tracks, next week.

And if you enjoy my music or this blog, take a moment to answer the poll at the top of this page and be sure to "like" my musician page on facebook, which I regularly update whenever I post a new article or song.


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