Sunday, July 3, 2011

Florida's Gots Giant Squids!

Despite all those ads selling it as a tropical Paradise, Florida is really a magical land filled with giant, often slimy and or scaly creatures. We've got overgrown spiders and flying palmetto bugs ( giant roaches, and yes, THEY FLY!), alligators, snakes, lizards, giant poisonous toads, sharks, sea turtles, walking catfish ( its exactly what it sounds like ), bears, bats, giant birds, and raccoons, just to name a few. We've even a few predatory cats left around, though we've sadly managed to get rid of most of those with out insatiable hunger for golf courses, strip malls, retirement communities, theme-parks, and paid parking areas.

Well now it would appear there is at least one new giant slimy thing to add to the list of confirmed south Florida residents, (not him, Trump's been here for years) GIANT SQUID!

Early last week a pair of local fishermen pulled one of the animals still twitching from the waters just off the shore of Port Salerno. They loaded the 24 foot long specimen into their boat, and brought it into shore, where they turned it over to the Florida museum of Natural History for study. Awesome.

As those of you who follow my twitter feed may already be aware, I really don't like it here. The weather sucks, the people are awful, and if you hate the beach, theme parks, and the sun like I do, there just isn't much for you here. But there are some things I do like about this place, and though I could certainly live without the flying roaches, the astonishing variety of strange, overgrown, and sometimes slimy non-humanoid creatures who also happen to live here, are pretty high up on the list.

Yes, I know I'm strange. Now stop staring at me and go do something else.


Source: WPTV -There's some video coverage on the page but it's got an add I can't get rid of AND it ends before the report is actually over, so I decided it wasn't worth embedding.

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