Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eye Candy: Ruin

 So I actually found this animated short from OddBall Animation a while ago, and just haven't managed to get around to posting it. Simply put, it's amazing. Probably even more so if ,unlike mine, your Internet provider has not throttled you down to point where you cannot watch things in HD. But what makes this 8 minute short even more impressive, is the fact that it's mostly the result of the work of just one person. Though the films creator and director Wes Ball, does point out that he had a bit of help on the model rendering for the drone and main character, as well as a single intern to help with some of the animation. CHEATER!

Seriously, it took one person two years worth of work to make this. I can't even manage to post a single blog entry once a day, much less design my own, photo realistically detailed digital world, from scratch.

I am Jack's deep, burning, sense of shame and inadequacy.


VIA: Oddball Animation

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