Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

Posted by YouTube user: WarnerBrosPictures

Usually, I manage to stay at least a week behind the rest of the world when it comes to current events of any sort. And I'm really not what you'd call a movie buff; given that I watch an average of  MAYBE four movies a year; the last two movies I saw in a theater were the X-files sequel and the first Hellboy. But a new Batman movie obviously falls well within the realm of "General Geekery". So I thought, what the hell. Let's be current for once.

As for my own impression of the new trailer.

Nolan's Batman series has, hands down, been the best at building as believable a reality as possible for a superhero* to exist in, and this newest installment looks to be on par with the other two. Cinematically, I think it looks impressive as well, and I certainly think it's going to make several metric shit-tons of money. But the truth is, while I've enjoyed a number of recent comic-book-based movies, I've found myself  largely uninterested in Superhero* movies. I dunno, maybe I'm just too old, or just too picky. Either way, I know I'm WAY in the minority where my lack of excitement is concerned.

But what do you think? Are you counting the days until the Dark Knight's release? Or, like me, do you find yourself  too distracted by giggling fits whenever Christian Bale uses his "Batman Voice", to go in for a third round? If so, I predict you're actually giggling about my usage of the phrase, " the Dark Knight's Release", at this very moment. Which makes you highly immature. And I respect that.


* I realize that Batman is technically not a "superhero". I was referring to the movie genre. So go unleash your nerd-rage elsewhere.

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