Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creepy/Weird Japanese Thing of The Week: Shiri The Emo Robo-Ass

Posted by Youtube user:novriki

From last week's Compendium:

Built by Nobuhiro Takahashi and his team at the Tokyo University of Electro-Communications,Shiri is the most advanced robotic ass ever made! At least, I assume it is. I’m gonna be honest here. I’m weird, but I’m not comparison shopping the net for robo-asses weird. So I might be wrong about that whole most advanced robot-ass ever thing. If I am, well, allow me to go ahead and preemptive-ly yield to your, no doubt, Superior knowledge of mechanized hind quarters.

 [There’s a sentence I never though I’d write.] 
 Well, Shiri does!

That’s actually the excuse behind this particular bit of creepy. It’s about how the robot mimics emotions, with tactile transformations of…

Okay…Ya know what;

IT’S A ROBOT-ASS THAT TWITCHES AND CLENCHES ITSELF WHEN YOU SPANK AND TICKLE IT! There, ya see what I had to write? Anytime the phrase, “Spank and tickle it” appears in any description of whatever the hell it is you’re doing, it’s not science anymore! It's recreation! And it's creepy.

I feel dirty again.

I’m gonna go now.


VIA: Gizmodo

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