Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bad Universe/My Continued Absence

Blogging via iPhone while not impossible, is kind of a pain in the ass (it took me 45 minutes just to create this post) so I haven't been doing it. But IF things go as planned, then come Saturday I should finally be able to connect to the net via PC again. So once again please excuse my continued neglect but I will hopefully be able to return to my previous posting habits very soon.

In the meantime...

Sunday night was the premier of Phil plait's bad universe on the discovery channel which is a three part pilot based on Phil's book death from the skies. The theme for episode one was asteroid impacts and what, if anything, could be done to avert an asteroid based disaster. This of course meant lots of explosions and cool high speed footage to analyze but there was also plenty of science to go around as well, think The Universe meets Mythbusters. I really enjoyed the first episode and with any luck enough of us will tune in that it gets picked up and turned into a series. So if you missed Sunday's premier be sure to check out the next two episodes Sunday nights at ten, depending where you are of course.
Here's a preview...

Posted by YouTube user:DiscoveryNetworks

In keeping with the asteroid theme, here's a cool animation from scott Manley of the Armagh observatory which plots all of the asteroids discovered over the past thity years. Also check out this article from wired science for more info on this animation.

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