Monday, September 6, 2010

Like a Zombie Clown, I have returned.

As of Saturday I FINALLY regained access to the net and can once again start blogging on a regular basis which I will officially begin doing later this week after I have completed a few projects I began while away. In celebration of my return, I decided to give in and join the rest of the world on Twitter and I have also started setting up a new blog on Tumblr where I can post some of the stranger things I come upon during my exploits on the net, things like today's video. So be sure to follow me on Twitter at: @GodlessGeek_ and stay tuned for a link to my new blog on Tumblr later this week.
Speaking of strange things and zombie clowns...
The AMAZINGLY well produced, filmed, and scored independent short below entitled, "Le Queloune (The Clown)", was created by autodidactic director,writer, FX artist, and editor, Patrick Boivin and once again proves that clowns, while amusing in a disturbing kind of way, are ALWAYS creepy!

Posted by YouTube user:PatrickBoivin

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