Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jesus was a pedophile-Happy Blasphemy day!

Just kidding!
(In order to be a pedophile you'd first have to exist and since the magical zombie that was really his own dad described in the bible wasn't real, Jesus couldn't possibly have been a pedophile. )

The reason for my blatant and some would say uncalled for blasphemy is that today -is blasphemy day! The only American holiday other than thanksgiving that's worth celebrating and its not just about the good clean fun that is calling Jesus a pedophile, it's about promoting free thought as well as free speech and the rights of not only non-believers, but dissidents of all forms to speak out against things with which they do not agree as well as the rights of all of us to simply speak our minds without fear of imprisonment, violence, or death, a right which for much of the world still doesn't exist.

For me, it's the threats of violence and death waged against those who of us who question or criticize religious tradition, ideals or beliefs that I find most egregious. Primarily because more and more the response from others seems to be that we simply shouldn't have provoked the violence in the first place by offending someone else's religious beliefs, as though that somehow justifies the violence.That's not how things should be.

No matter how offensive you may find anything I have to say, No idea or individual, or object, is sacred or immune to criticism or insult. I have the right to insult your president, your country, your mother, and your beliefs. I can call Jesus a pedophile, the pope an asshole, or spend my time writing short stories detailing the prophet Mohammad's love of bacon sandwiches and gay anal sex, or drawing pictures of him doing those very things, and you do not have the right to threaten my life because you find it offensive - And if you do threaten my life, then the answer should not be that I shouldn't have provoked your wrath by insulting your beliefs.

Finaly, because I love this video and now seems an apropriate time to share it, Penn Jillette shares what he belives- which just happens to be exactly what I believe, except the part about the jello. I hate jello.

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