Friday, September 17, 2010

My Compendium oF Strange...

There are a number of things I come upon during my travels here on the internets that I find entertaining, bizzar, or just plain disturbing, but for one reason or another choose not to share them here. Instead, I've started a new blog on tumblr that's just for all of the strange, funny and perhaps at times vulgar and offensive things I find on the net. So far the collection is rather small and pretty tame, but the rapid fire style of tumblr blogs means its easier for me to post on the site during the week since entries there don't require the research my posts here often do, so the collection should grow rather quickly and as it does you should probably expect it to get stranger and darker.

You can view my new, "Compendium oF Strange" on tumblr at:, and you can keep up with the compendium, as well as this blog and all the rest of my activities, by following my brand new Twitter feed at:@GodlessGeek_ on You should also check out my Facebook page where you can hear my music as well as follow all of my posts here and now on the compendium.

So please, if you enjoy the content I create then follow me on Twitter, like my musician page on Facebook and help me grow my audience by sharing it all with your friends. If you do I promise to reward you with even more content like say... A new band, a web comic, and maybe a place to buy strange and offensive T-shirts and stickers. Not that I'm already working on ANY of those things, I'm just sayin, I could if you wanted me to.

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