Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wanna Stick Your Hand In Liquid Nitrogen

Ya, Me neither. BUT... If You ever did, now you don't have to because the folks at Pop-Sci(formerly Popular Science) did it for you and they got it on video too!

The video didn't want to play so just follow the link:
The bit at the end when he pours the remaining nitrogen into the lake is pretty cool too, its like a fifties horror movie set.

The difference in temperature between the human flesh and liquid nitrogen causes the liquid to boil and become a gas creating an insulating layer of bubbles protecting the flesh from frostbite. This effect is known as the Leiden frost effect and is the same phenomena Adam and Jamie demonstrated on Mythbusters when they took turn dipping their hands in molten lead.

Read the full article from PopSci HERE.

Image Credit: PopSci

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