Friday, September 10, 2010

Terry Jones and Fred Phelps' Christian Cannibals Supper for Salvation

First, I have a few rhetorical questions...

Why is burn the Quran day anything other than an obscene joke?

Did we really have to give Terry Jones and the handful of idiots who follow him all the publicity they wanted and more?

Did the president REALLY need to get involved and now that he has, and now that the media has spent so much time and energy covering Jones' stunt, do you think he'll just slink back into the realm of obscurity where he belongs? Or do you think he'll be using his new found fame to build his organization in preparation for his next stunt? I know which option I'm voting for.

Oh well, on with the satire I suppose..

"The Christian Cannibals Supper for Salvation"! BE THERE or burn in hell!

Posted by YouTube user:lancebaxter

In the event you find any of the above content offensive due to your support of the efforts of people like Jones and Phelps, please report to your nearest doctor's office, veterinary clinic, or butcher and have yourself sterilized immediately. seriously, for the good of the world, don't breed.

Image credit: Lance Baxter

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  1. I was listening to the latest events on NPR this morning - I have a hard time accepting how huge an ordeal this all has become. The fact that an ignorant mass of people can still, in 2010, be gathered together in America to burn a BOOK makes me shudder and the fact that news of some moron pastor's plan to gather aformentioned group of idiots has reached to the other side of the globe and they're protesting it in retaliation makes my mind spin!
    Religious zealotry knows no boundaries in it's damnation of others.