Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pz Myers' "A Funeral For Folly"

PZ Myers has quickly become one of my absolute favorite living humans for so many reasons. One such reason is that like me, he clearly sees no need to apologize for who he is and what he believes and I love that!

See, for a long haired metal-head musician freak such as myself to go around carrying on about the evils and absurdity of religious beliefs or defiling bibles and Korans, all of which I do, is not such a big deal. Most just write it off as a stunt done for pure shock value and assume that I'll eventually stop rebelling and grow out of it, which is complete crap and NEVER going to happen by the way, but that's besides the point. But when a man with a respectable haircut and a university job does it, people tend to take it more seriously. So when I saw this weeks "Sunday Sacrilege" entry on Pharyngula I just had to mention it here.

Focusing first on the absurd assertion,-and the consequences which come with it- made by believers that we godless heathens must respect their books, idols, and beliefs, even if we don't believe in them ourselves- Myers goes on to describe how his rejection of this idea led him to a reevaluation of his own book collection. Ultimately leading to his decision to find an alternative use for a Koran and a Bible which you can see in the video below.

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If your not doing so already, start reading PZ's Blog Pharyngula. Besides being a godless heathen Myers is also quite funny, insightful, entertaining and well worth your time to follow even if your not an angry atheist like me.

Image credit:Geoff Cowan

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